3 Reasons You Should Prepare for Christmas NOW!

By Tuesday, September 22, 2015 0

We’re now moving into late September and at the risk of putting this song in everyone’s head, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The air is getting cooler (not that it was that warm to begin with…), shops have been switching their stock to more holiday-oriented items and Christmas Trees and Lights have started talking about all things Christmas on Facebook & Twitter again!

However, we all know how it is. Everyone’s trying to avoid the idea of Christmas at this time of the year. Maybe you’re having flashbacks from the many frantic Christmases you’ve experienced in the past and can’t handle the thought of starting again yet. Maybe you just have it in your head that it’s not Christmas until you see either the Coca-Cola advert or the John Lewis advert… Everyone has their own reasons for waiting as long as they can before starting their Christmas, but we feel it’s our duty to tell you why your life will be easier if you get started now rather than in November, it’s more important this year than it has ever been before… But we’ll get to that. Here are the 3 reasons you should prepare for Christmas early this year.

3. An Early Christmas is a Happy Bank Statement.

Let’s be realistic, most of the Christmas gift buying will be done in November and December time. It’s just the way it is. Having knowledge of this, if you then add the trees, lights and decorations on top of that, you might be looking at a pretty daunting bank statement by the end of it… This is one of the main reasons we’re suggesting an early Christmas. Spreading the spending over a larger period will make things a little easier on the bank statement and possibly create a more comfortable Christmas.

Who knows? This planned way of thinking might actually leave you with some wiggle room in the spending department. You could have some money left over after Christmas… But as we said before, let’s be realistic!

2. Black Friday is Here To Stay


There’s no point in trying to deny it. Black Friday has migrated from America and has moved all it’s stuff into England. Last year was just the beginning. This year, more people will have accepted it as a thing and it’s likely to get a bit bumpy again, to say the least. Isn’t Christmas preparation stressful enough? Why have you unleashed this hideous beast upon us America?!

Does everyone remember what happened last year on Black Friday? Of course you do, you’ve been spending the last year trying to forget it. We’re just saying, there’s an easier way. If you want to avoid getting lost in the crowds, getting ready for Christmas now would be the way to go. Alternatively, you could participate in Black Friday with online shopping without the risk of being trampled, not to mention Cyber Monday. Sounds like a pretty good idea to us! You just need to find a company that will provide some great sales at that time… Cough cough.


1. Christmas is for Partying!

Aside from the obvious money and crowds issues, it’s best to get everything out of the way early so that you can spend your Christmas actually relaxing and partying! You don’t want to be at a Christmas party, worrying about shopping and organising while everyone else is just having a good time with Slade.

Dealing with all that first leaves plenty of time enjoy the best parts of Christmas… Listening to Christmas tunes while wrapping presents, watching your favourite Christmas films with your family or friends. Why not use the time to go down to one of the Christmas Markets? Have a nice hot chocolate or build a snowman (weather permitting). In case we’ve missed anything off, let us know in the comments your favourite way to spend the lead up to Christmas.

Of course, many of you will already be thinking about getting the important stuff out of the way soon and some of you will be looking forward to doing your Christmas shopping a little closer to Christmas. Hopefully, this will put Christmas on your radar and most of all spark a bit excitement for it. After all… IT”S KIND OF NEARLY CHRISTMAS! 😀


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