Best Ways to Store Christmas Decorations

By Monday, January 31, 2022 0

Putting away your holiday decorations doesn’t need to be a struggle. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way towards the Christmas organisation of your dreams.

How to Store Holiday Wreaths

Artificial wreaths can be tricky to store due to their prickly branches, variety of sizes, and differences in materials. Your chosen storage method depends on those factors, as well as the level of effort you’re willing to put in – basically: are you a DIYer or a Buyer?

First, decide where you want to store your wreath. We recommend storage in a temperature-controlled area, like a spare closet instead of the garage or attic. For interior closet storage, follow these steps:

  1. Use a zip-tie to fasten the branches of large wreaths (optional for small or thin wreaths). Keep the loop loose – you don’t want to bend the limbs.
  2. Slip a piece of twine through the zip-tie and tie it to a sturdy hanger.
  3. Place a dry-cleaning bag over the wreath and tie it at the bottom. This will keep pine needles from getting all over your closet and clothing and keep dust off the wreath for the year.

If you have expensive or delicate wreaths, purchasing a high-quality wreath bag is the way to go. Canvas or polyester wreath bags are also ideal for storage in garages or attics as they will help keep out dust, insects, and moisture. Wreath bags are also great for indoor storage to keep your closet looking clean and organized.

Wreath bag

How to Store Ornaments

Anyone with a Christmas tree knows how easy it is to end up with a massive number of ornaments – especially if you have kids! From handmade trinkets to fragile pieces passed down from your grandparents, proper ornament storage is key.

A specialty ornament storage bag or box is recommended if you have ornaments in various shapes, sizes, and value. Look for a box with configurable trays and dividers so you can easily store large ornaments along with small ones.

This type of storage solution works not only for ornaments but also for specialty items like festive snow globes, traditional nativity scenes, and any other Christmas figurines decorating your mantel.

ornament storage boxes

How to Store Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are critical when it comes to holiday decorating. As the options for types of trees increase – natural, frosted, pre-lit, and more – you may find yourself with more than one tree (which we fully support!). While Christmas trees add light and joy to your home, they can also be quite tricky to store. The cardboard boxes that trees arrive in are usually good for a year or two, but quickly break down and become unmanageable.

A heavy-duty Christmas tree storage bag is the key to keeping your trees looking like new year after year. If you’ve invested in a high-quality artificial tree, you ought to invest in a protection solution to keep it fresh for years to come.

Christmas tree storage bag

You have a few options when it comes to Christmas tree bags. Most important, of course, is that your tree will fit. If you find yourself unsure, it’s better to purchase the larger size. You can always store other items alongside your tree, like ropes of garland and tree skirts.

One storage option to look out for are duffel bags. These are smaller than traditional storage bags, allowing you to store your tree’s sections separately. This is an excellent solution if you have limited storage space or have a large tree that would be too difficult to move in one piece.

How to Store Christmas Lights

If you’ve purchased a Christmas tree within the past few years, chances are, it came pre-lit. That removes one frustrating aspect of Christmas set-up and tear-down, but you’re still left with dealing with the tangled strings of outdoor lights.

Keep all your lights in one place with a specialty Christmas light storage bag or box. These include large light reels to wrap your lights around, keep them tangle-free and ready to be unwound next year.

To stay organized, attach a label to each light reel with where the lights should go – indoor garlands, outdoor trees, bushes, fence, house, etc.

Christmas light storage bag

Christmas should be full of joy, light, and celebration. Don’t let the stress of the logistics get you down! With the storage solutions above, you’ll have everything you need to not only keep your valuables protected year after year but also make setting up and cleaning up fast, easy, and maybe even a little fun.

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