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We love our fabulous collection of artificial Christmas Trees, from the pre-lit stunners to the slender space savers, but even we have to admit that there’s nothing quite like the fresh scent and natural feel of the real thing. Which is why we’re so delighted to announce that you can now purchase REAL Christmas Trees with and have them delivered straight to your door!

We’re working with Needlefresh growers to bring you high quality Christmas trees that you can pick out yourself.

Every tree available to buy has been grown for 10 years to its full height. They’re cared for by hard working farmers in West Scotland with years of experience in growing and pruning trees to their optimal shape and bushiness for Christmas. As one batch is harvested and welcomed in to homes around the country, another is planted; keeping the cycle going and creating minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

Finding the perfect tree for your home is simple:

Real Tree

Step 1 – Visit the site

Go to and click on real christmas trees (under “Christmas Trees” on the top menu. Or just follow this link.


Step 2 – Choose the size

Consider the size of your room and decide how big you want your tree to be. Remember to account for the extra height of the tree stand and your decorations!

Our Christmas trees heights are measured in feet, from 5ft (150cm) to 8ft (270cm), though actual heights will fall between sizes. For example a 6ft tree could be anywhere from 6ft (180cm) to almost 7ft (210cm). So ensure you factor this in when choosing. If your ceiling is only 8ft from the ground, for example, we recommend purchasing a 7ft tree.

Heights are measured from the bottom of the stump to the tip of the tallest branch.

Select the size of the tree you would like on the homepage to filter the selection to your needs.


Step 3 – Choose your tree

The full range of Christmas Trees in your selected size will be presented to you, with a photograph of every individual tree. The Needlefresh promise is: “The tree you pick is the tree we will deliver!”

This guarantees that you won’t get any surprises when your tree arrives. You can view the exact tree, front and back, before purchase so you know exactly what you’re getting.

When you’ve found your perfect Christmas Tree: add it to your basket, checkout, and you’re done. Your real, fresh Christmas tree will be with you within 2 days of dispatch so you can start the important task of decorating it!


Find your perfect Christmas Tree the easy way with

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