Competition Winner: Where’s Santa?!

By Thursday, October 22, 2015 0

Thanks to everyone that participated in our latest competition. You came up with some great ideas for Santa’s holiday! However, there can only be one winner… Congratulations to Fiona Cullen! Your puntastic letter from Santa was a stroke of genius. We hope you enjoy your Blossom Tree. The winning entry is below…

Hellohohoho boys and girls,
At present,I’m having a cracker of a holly-day in Turkey of course! I’m having a merry time dipping my mistle-toes in the sea, blowing baubles when I go swimming and I love sunbathing on the beach:just call me Sandy Claus ho ho ho! I’ve been taking lots of sElfies to share on Facebook and Twitter when I get back just in time for Christmas-good job I packed my North Pole-aroid camera. The weather is far from frightful,the sun is so delightful,there’s snow rain, dears! Ah well,I hear the jingling of my next cocktail:think I’ll have a Mulled wine on the Beach this time-must dash,wish you were here,
Santa xxx

– Fiona Cullen


However, we have further gifts to give, as we promised to give a ten percent discount to the top ten entries on their next order with us! Fiona is one of the ten. The nine runners-up are below (in no particular order).

Santa had a whistle-stop holiday. He spent some time in Tinseltown enjoying a pizza (deep pan, crisp and even of course) before visiting his three allotments so that he could hoe, hoe, hoe. He then visited a friend with low elf-esteem before going to a mystery location due to a clause in his contract.

– Mike Sharman

After spending the last three years chasing a Hobbit round in early December, this year Santa has been over to the Dark Side to make sure his presents are out of this world and have “Star” quality…….

– Helen Gibbon

Me & my 3 children think Father Christmas goes on holiday to Manchester.

– Melissa Mellor

Prison – he was Santanced to 12 years.

– Jon Sellers

Santa’s been in the Great British Bake Off tent with Paul HOLLYwood and Mary BERRY, showing them how to make perfect showstopper Christmas Puddings and Christmas Cakes.

– Marilyn Wheatley

Santa isn’t ready to deliver the presents yet… He’s staying home feeling CLAUStrophobic :o/

– Cindy Porter

Santa has been kept busy over the last 364 days with the following tasks –
Fixing fairy lights as there is always one bulb that has blown.
Sending e-mails to everyone to buy batteries as no toys ever have them included. (Parents nightmare).
Growing and picking brussel sprouts for those people to eat on Christmas day who have not been good all year round.
Adding new animals like the zebra to the Christmas Nativity to panick parents into making a costume the night before.
Auditioning and casting the cute characters to appear in the highly anticipated new John Lewis advert as when that is first aired we all know Christmas is on its way.
Yeah,can’t wait for it all to start.

– Paul Saunders

Actually I don’t want to cheat but we already know because we saw him on Formby beach in Merseyside with Mrs Claus. My daughter and her little friend were in absolute shock to see him standing there in the middle of July but I explained Santa’s need holidays too!!

– Jennifer Turner

Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch in Wales.

– Lauren Old

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