Crackertoa is blowing people’s minds and we think it’s cracking!

By Friday, November 17, 2017 0

What would Christmas dinner be without the crackers?

Family pulling Crackertoa crackers


A fixture at the festive table since 1847, cracking a cracker before you eat is a tradition as essential as turkey, trees and tinsel in homes around the world. But after 170 years of silent snaps and calm cracks, it might finally be time to admit what everyone already knows: traditional crackers are a bit …well… rubbish, aren’t they?

Crackaertoa Family Christmas CrackersWell hold on to your stockings because this is about to blow your merry mind. Crackertoa is ready to detonate right in the middle of your Christmas.

This is not your traditional Christmas cracker. Pull Crackertoa and unleash an explosion of delight as it goes off with an almighty bang that blasts confetti around your stunned, smiling and slightly deafened family.


Prizes that come inside Crackertoa crackers

And of course, when the confetti’s cleared and the ringing in your ears has stopped you’re left with all the classic cracker prizes including hats, jokes and novelty gifts.

Crackertoa is blowing up so well around the country that it even popped up in the Independent’s “10 Best Christmas Crackers” list as a Best Buy for 2017! Try it out over your Christmas dinner and we’re sure you’ll agree that the reaction is (wait for it…) CRACKING!ConfettiCrackertoa Family Crackers are available in packs of 6 at


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