How To Use Fairy Lights All Year Round

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LED Fairy Lights don’t have to be restricted to Christmas. Despite our seasonal name, here at Christmas Trees and Lights we love all things decorative and sparkly, so it’s always a shame when we have to pack our Christmas decorations away after we’ve reached January.

However, you don’t have to completely say goodbye to them, as one of the hottest trends is to use your Christmas lights throughout the year. Decorative lighting is fast becoming popular, so we’ve decided to check out how you can use your fairy lights for 12 months of the year.

Mason Jar Fairy Lights

A simple, but effective way of adding year-round warmth to your room is by placing your lights inside a mason or Kilner jar. Ensure that you use LED lights, as they’re much more energy efficient and emit far less heat than conventional fairy lights.

For the perfect finishing touch, add a hessian lid and tie with string. It’s the perfect way of lighting up the dark areas of your room.

Copper Cable Lantern

If you’re actually wanting to use your jar or vase, you can still create a stunning effect by wrapping your lights around the outside. Using battery operated lights on a copper cable, wrap your lights starting from the top or bottom, making sure that they’re placed an even distance apart.

Tin Garden Lanterns

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a use for some of your waste items. Take a large empty tin and pierce a pattern of holes using a sharp knife or screwdriver, then simply fill with fairy lights. Their rustic charm will look superb in any indoor or outdoor setting.

Fairy Light Photo Holder

Warm, elegant and the perfect way of keeping your treasured photos, mementos and keepsakes close by. Loosely string your LED lights using small pins, then attach your prized possessions by using wooden clothes pegs.

White Room

rattan heart lights

Rattan Heart String Lights – £6.99

Ideal if you have a white bedroom or living room, as stringing fairy lights around your mirror frame, wardrobe and bed-frame will create a spectacular snug effect. For something extra special, how about a set of our rattan heart string lights?

Fairy Lights in the Garden

Fairy lights in the garden don’t have to be restricted to Christmas. More recently, They’ve actually become a very popular choice if you’re looking to host an outdoor event or wedding during the summer months. Either wrap the around a tree trunk, hang loosely from a luxury gazebo, or simply drape over your all weather garden furniture.


Fairy Light Chandeliers

This ingenious use of fairy lights will certainly transform your room and give it a touch of cosy class. Simply wrap a set of fairy lights around an unwanted hula-hoop or a unwanted bicycle wheel. The combination of fairy lights and metal will create a lovely rustic look. Oh, and you can always hang a set of net and curtain lights from your ceiling to help provide even more light.


Light bulb Fruit bowl

Well, everyone has a draw full of old light bulbs hanging, so why not put them to good use? Take a fruit bowl, preferably a glass one, then place a set of fairy lights inside. Next, place your old and use light bulbs on top. It will look stunning in front of a fireplace, and is bound to become a conversation starter.


Here are just a few ideas of how you can still use your LED fairy lights throughout the year, but we’re sure you can think of many more. Make sure you visit our website to see our full collection of decorative lights.


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