From California to Christmas Trees and Lights: Thomas Kinkade

By Tuesday, September 16, 2014 0

Celebrated as being one of America’s most popular modern day artists, it’s little surprise to hear that an estimated 1 in 20 American households own a piece of art by the late, Thomas Kinkade. Much like, J.M.W Turner, Kinkade also characterized himself as a ‘painter of light’, as he soon became renowned for his picturesque paintings of gardens, rivers, streams and cottages. Paintings that many American’s could easily identify and warm towards.

Throughout his career, critics have always been quick to extinguish the work produced by Kinkade, but despite such antagonistic responses, he still managed to author over 120 art related books and earn over $53 million through sales.

Born and raised in California, Kinkade had a glowing passion for depicting Christian themes within his work. More specifically, his powerful, enchanting and atmospheric interpretation of Christmas has always been revered as some of his greatest.

Well, here at Christmas Trees and Lights, we believe it is important to create a festive atmosphere throughout the winter season. So, within our range of illuminated wall tapestries & canvases, we have decided to immortalise Thomas Kinkade, as well as the likes of Dona Gelsinger and Nicky Boehme, by providing you with the opportunity to purchase such fantastic pieces of art.

Based on classic, hand-drawn designs, these fibre-optic tapestries and canvases have been a firm favourite for many years. So, there’s clearly no better way of celebrating the true meaning of Xmas than with one of our truly fantastic illuminated wall tapestries and canvases…

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