Why LEDs Make The Best Christmas Lights

By Thursday, October 27, 2016 0

The future of Christmas lights are LEDs. But what is it that makes these better than traditional fairy lights, and what are the true benefits of them?

What are LED Christmas lights?

LEDs are used in just about all forms of lighting, from the blinking red dot on the front of a television to giant display screens in stadiums and public spaces. Only recently has the technology in them developed to the point where they can replace traditional – or incandescent – lightbulbs on a large scale and a reasonable price. Because of this, and the many advantages the lights have over incandescent bulbs, they’re taking over more and more lighting applications, including home light fixtures, streetlights, and medical equipment.

As Christmas lights, they’ve been growing in popularity for the last few years, with vibrancy and variety of colour being just two of the leading benefits they have over traditional fairy lights. You can now see LED lights in strings, on pre-lit Christmas trees, in illuminated tapestries and as part of numerous other varieties of decorations.

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What advantages do LEDs have over incandescent Christmas lights?

They’re efficient

The first thing that you notice about LED Christmas lights is the brightness, and it’s easy to think that because they put out so much more light, they must use up more energy. But in fact LEDs are one of the most efficient bulbs available, using up just a 10th of the power it takes for incandescent bulbs.

Because of this, LEDs use less electricity when plugged in and therefore are cheaper to run. It also means that longer strings and more lights can be utilised for bigger and better Christmas displays. Connectable LED Christmas lights, for example, let you run up to 50 different sets together from just one plug socket. That’s up to 500 metres of light, from 5,000 LED bulbs, all without an adapter or extra power supply. You can light up your entire house for Christmas, from just one switch.

They last longer

Being low power also makes them longer lasting. Where traditional bulbs will eventually die out, LEDs keep going for up to 500 times longer – with an approximate lifespan of 50,000 hours. To put it another way, you could plug in your string of Christmas lights and leave it on for over 5 and a half years before it burns out!

We don’t recommend leaving it on for 5 and a half years, of course, but having that knowledge means you can be confident that these bulbs will keep lighting up just as brightly, Christmas after Christmas. Especially when you know…

They’re resilient

While fairy lights are made from delicate parts inside a glass shell, LEDs come from a chip and a circuit, making them much tougher. They can be handled with confidence and stored away throughout the year with much less risk of damage. This durability also allows most LED Christmas lights to stand up to harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, since they generate much less heat than luminescent bulbs, they won’t overheat and burn themselves out.

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LED Christmas lights come in many different forms, with many different colours and many different effects. But they all remain efficient, long lasting, durable and vibrant. Discover all the amazing variations and brighten up your Christmas.