The Most Popular Christmas Films

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No matter what your Christmas Day looks like, whether you spend it with the family gathered around your Christmas tree, or overindulging in food with friends, we can all find comfort in popping a classic Xmas flick on the TV. The act of binge-watching Christmas films has become a tradition in itself. It’s the perfect way to keep the children quiet whilst you digest your Christmas dinner and quietly regret the 20 roast potatoes you piled onto your plate.

Knowing how much we love Christmas films as a nation, we decided to take a look at the different movies which have appeared on our screens across the decades.


Which were the first Christmas films?

So, which Christmas releases sparked our obsession with festive films? Officially, the first Christmas film ever was Santa Claus, which was released in 1898 – over 120 years ago!

First Christmas Films


The Best Christmas Films

What makes a great Christmas film is completely subjective, but according to reviews, these are the best Christmas films of all time. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ takes 1st place, with ‘Jingle All The Way’ coming last in the list.

Best Films



The Worst Christmas Films

Alongside the classic that we all love, there are a number of Christmas films that completely flopped. According to reviews, everyone hated ‘The Nutcracker In 3D’, ‘Christmas With The Kranks’ and ‘Deck The Halls’.

worst christmas films


Highest Grossing Films

The amount of money a film makes is a sure indicator of how popular it was.If people are willing to shell out the cash to buy a DVD, download, or even to go and see it in the cinema – it must be good.

highest grossing films


Most Popular Christmas Movies By Country

Different cultures like different things, and this is especially true when it comes to Christmas films. Some favour more emotional affairs like Love Actually, whilst others prefer comedic festive flicks like Elf.