Prince Albert: Prince of Setting Trends

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Christmas is a time for stories, and this one’s a cracker (Ha!). It’s the story of the Christmas tree. It’s unknown as to when the traditional fir was first used as a Christmas tree. They’ve been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years. Pagans decorated their homes with the branches, as it made them think of the Spring to come…


Despite being in existence for so long, Prince Albert was the one that made the Christmas tree cool. In 1841, the man whom shall henceforth be known as ‘The Prince of Christmas Past’, parked between his wife and his T.V., a Christmas tree. The conversation between them (I assume) went like this:



Queen Vic: Albert?

Prince of Christmas Past: Yes, love?

QV: What on Earth is one’s tree doing in here?

PoCP: It’s a Christmas tree, love. We’ll decorate it and put iPhones under it.

QV: Smashing!



To Be Decided

“One is definitely mentioning this in one’s Christmas Speech this year!”

This drawing, “The Queen’s Christmas Tree at Windsor Castle” was published in the illustrated London News in 1848 and sparked off the Christmas tree trend in the UK and America. However, the drawing was edited for American readers. Specifically, the Queen’s crown was removed, as was the Prince’s glorious moustache!



The Prince may have started the greatest trend ever but, that’s not to say it wasn’t without fault. In those days, the trees were decorated with candles… You know, those wax things that you set on fire. Turns out this idea was about as successful as anyone could have predicted. After an abundance of inexplicably unforeseen house-fires, it wasn’t until 1895 that someone thought “Hey, why don’t we stop actively destroying our lives in celebration of Christmas” and invented electric Christmas lights as a more appropriate decoration.

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Albert


This concludes the story of the Christmas tree. Next week, we’ll dive deep into the origin of the Christmas Wreath! Spoiler alert: It involves fire again…



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