The history of Santa Claus as we know him today

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Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nick – whatever you know him as, you surely know who he is and what he does. A magical being adorned in red and white who delivers gifts to children around the world every Christmas. The only question is, where did the legend of Father Christmas come from? Let’s find out.

Santa Claus Timeline – where did it all begin?

The image and character of Santa Claus as we know him today is a merger of the Dutch figure Sinterklaas, derived from religious figure St. Nicholas, and the English Father Christmas, who began as a literal personification of Christmas. Over time, the two characters were combined. This timeline explains how it happened.

Santa Claus timeline

When do children stop believing?

stop believing


People have mixed reactions to discovering the truth about Santa Claus. In fact, it can completely obliterate some children’s trust in their parents – perhaps something to think about whilst filling their stockings up this year! According to one survey, upon discovering that Santa isn’t real, 15% of people felt betrayed, and a huge 30% said they trusted adults less.

Feelings upon discovering Santa isn't real

Santa’s Many Names

Jolly St. Nick is known by plenty of names – here are just some examples from across Europe and America.

Different names for Santa Claus

Christmas icons from around the world

Different cultures have an array of Christmas icons that are part of their traditional celebrations. Many of these are dark, almost sinister figures who assist Santa with keeping children in line.

Other christmas icons



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