Star Wars Winner Announced!

By Thursday, November 5, 2015 0

Thanks to everyone that participated in our latest competition. There’s a lot of love for Star Wars out there! After much deliberation, we have found our winner… Congratulations to Gareth Evans! You’re the droid we’re looking for. Your obscure answer was just brilliant!. We hope you enjoy your Galaxy Battle Light. The winning entry is below…

My favourite character is generic Stormtrooper #7 who at the cry of “There they are!” waited patiently for his turn to be slaughtered by the hero.
what a guy!

– Gareth Evans

However, we have further gifts to give, as we promised to give a 10% discount to the top ten entries on their next order with us! Gareth is one of the ten. The nine runners-up are below (in no particular order).

Jabba the hutt the intergalactic couch potato just like me he’s a slob ha-ha he just likes to chill in his palace with his buddies having a ball listening to music drinking and eating all day instead of TV he has a han solo frozen in carbonite to watch all day as well as a pit with a rancor monster. He has a good eye for the ladies as he has a scantly clad princess Leia chained to his side

– Shaun Goldsmith

R2D2 is my favourite by far! I love his awesome flashing lights and sounds effects – I even have the official Star Wars hoodie based on him!
I love that he is so loyal and that although he’s a droid and has been kidnapped several times that he always survives – also that he takes none of C3P0’s nonsense!

– Angela McDonald

My favourite is Yoda because my son drew me a picture the other day of me as ‘yoga’ so I am taking it as a compliment that he thinks I am wise like Yoda, and maybe just a little bit bendy too!

– Hannah Igoe

Princess Leia, as I love her Chelsea buns!

– David Smith

Obi-wan Kenobi played by Alec Guiness. He was Lukes father figure/mentor and the character helped Luke in his early years

– Jon Sellers

Han Solo is without a doubt my favourite character in the Star Wars saga. He’s just a regular guy with no Jeidi powers behind him that simply saves his friends with just some regular old charm and wit. If i was stuck in a tricky situation I wouldn’t want Luke trying to save me with all his Daddy issues, I would want Solo, who’s just gonna get the job done! Legend!

– Kayleigh

Luke Skywalker – young, idealistic, heroic, a bit confused, very sweet – I loved him so much I named my son after him. He hates Star Wars and the stupid mummy who makes him wear “The force is strong in this one” t-shirts. Poor kid!

– Helen M

My favourite Star Wars character is Boba Fett. In a galactic story of good vs evil it’s the shades of grey which make Star Wars stand out from anything else. Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Crime Families and Mercenaries. Not everyone wants total galactic domination. Some just want to get paid.

– Graham Densham

I have always loved Yoda, he’s wise, small and wrinkly just like myself! My eldest Was Yoda and Star Wars mad from a very early age and asked to go to Taekwon-do when he was four so he could train as a Jedi knight! 10 years later he has just received his black belt! He would of made an awesome Jedi Knight!

– Corinne Peat

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