Top Tip #1: How many lights will I need for my Christmas tree?

By Thursday, September 4, 2014 0


As leading lights (excuse the pun) in the Christmas decoration industry, it’s rather surprising that we can still get into the festive spirit every year! Well one thing’s for certain, we’ve gathered a lot of knowledge over the years and we’ve always been happy enough to share it with our customers.

One of the most common questions that we are asked each season is, ‘how many lights will I need for my Christmas tree?’

So, here’s the answer . . .

11111Generally speaking, and after you’ve calculated the width and height of the Christmas tree that you have your heart set upon, you’ll require 10 metres of lights for every 3ft of tree. Remember this is just a rule of thumb, so you can always increase or decrease on this amount depending on your personal preference and style.

…’And for my outdoor Christmas tree?’

It all depends on what you’re after – If you’re wanting to cover all of the tree then we recommend that you use our time and tested method, but add on a set or two. If not, and you just want to fill one side, just stick to the original guidelines.

‘Okay, so what about the tree trunk?’CL05770

We recommend using outdoor connectable LED lights, as you’ll be able to connect as many sets of lights as you want. However, it makes life easier if you remember to keep the ‘male’ end pointing down towards the power course whilst wrapping.

‘Finally, my pre-lit Christmas tree?’

Nice try!


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