Top Tip #2: The ultimate guide to finding the right Artificial Christmas Tree

By Monday, September 15, 2014 0


Following on from our recent post regarding the 10 reasons why you should purchase an artificial Christmas tree this season, the next step is selecting the right one for you. Okay, this can be a daunting task, especially knowing that we have nearly 300 Christmas trees available to purchase from our online store.

In addition to this, there are also several factors you must consider before you can begin to take the plunge. Remember, buying an artificial Christmas tree is a long term investment, so your final decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Well, here at Christmas Trees and Lights we aim to make this journey as smooth and as simple as possible, so here’s a bit of advice that we’re happy enough to share with you all…


alberta-xmasSelecting the correct size is probably the most important stage of the purchasing process. Firstly, you must ensure that you understand which room the tree will be situated in, as well as its specific location. Next up, and we know it sounds a little obvious, but always measure twice. Ideally, you need to measure, from the floor, to the room’s ceiling. After you’ve calculated this height, you must reduce it by 6 inches and there you’ll discover your maximum tree height.

As a general rule of thumb, the widest diameter of an artificial Christmas tree will roughly equate to half the overall height. Obviously, this measurement is substantially less if you’re thinking about purchasing a slim Christmas tree. Just leave enough room to manoeuvre around the tree!


Another point to consider is tips…the more branch tips, the ‘bushier’ the Christmas tree. So keep your eyes open for this information whilst your shopping around. Well, you wouldn’t want your tree to resemble a pipe cleaner, would you?

Hinged or hook-on? You may, or may not, have come across this before, but it’s vitally important that you fully understand how your Christmas tree is constructed. With a hinged artificial Christmas tree, the tree usually arrives in several pieces, to which you just have to assemble and ‘dress’ the branch tips. Hook-on branches are often lighter and less costly than hinged, but they do require slightly more work. Usually colour coded, you’ll have to attach each branch individually to the tree, but do allow time for ‘dressing’.



Your artificial Christmas tree is likely to be construed from either PE or PVC, but did you know that these two have a completely different look and feel? PVC is the most common material and has been around for decades, but it does have a tendency for looking slightly unrealistic. Unlike PVC, the premium PE Christmas tree collection are renowned for their highly realistic look and feel. As the branch tips are produced from injection moulding, PE Christmas trees have been described as the most realistic artificial trees on the market.


One of the final stages you must consider when purchasing a Christmas tree, is style. From traditional pine green, with an added array of cones & berries, to the frosted tree variety, there’s an abundance of different styles and varieties available. For Christmas 2014, experts believe that the frosted and natural looks will be key for this season.


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