Top Tip #3: How To Hang Icicle Xmas Lights

By Thursday, September 25, 2014 1

If you’ve got your heart set on purchasing some icicle lights, then it’s worth bearing in mind a few hints and tips that’ll certainly beat any Christmas decoration frustration this season. Firstly, and whether you’ve decided to hang them up indoors, or you’ve eyed up that outside gutter, LED lights are an absolute. They generally last for ages and there’s no fear of overheating either.


xmas icicle lightsOne of the most important stages is to plan. With most people opting for a gutter, doorway or roofline, it’s always a great idea to decide upon a focal point for where you would want your lights to hang. Not only should you consider an appropriate location, you should also consider the appropriate length of lights too. Simply measure the distance that you require, but also bear in mind the icicle drop as well. A 12 – 18 inch drop is quite normal, so just ensure that don’t obstruct any access or viewpoints.

If you’re worried about powering multiple sets, then you should obviously think about purchasing connectable LED Christmas lights instead. Depending on the specific set, you can probably connect up to 4 – 5 sets from just one power source…incredible! If there’s still a problem, then we also supply a variety of extension leads and different connections to suit all types of scenarios.



Remember, these lights are likely to be a semi-permanent fixture for about a month, so it’s important to test them before hanging. Especially if they’re new or have been sat in the loft for the best part of a year.



If you have followed the previous stages, then the actual fixing process should be relatively simple. Don’t fool around with nails, screws or glue, you should limit your options to just hooks and clips. Although traditional and a great way of fixing your icicle Christmas lights, hooks are likely to become a permanent fixture to your home, as they’re actually quite difficult to remove.

xmas gutter hooksWell, that’s part of the reason why we prefer gutter / shingle hooks. They’re weatherproof, specific for fixing icicle lights and very easy to remove. Keep your clips about 1 foot apart and ensure that you keep the lights tight to the house….you want to give the effect that these icicle lights have always been here (well, throughout the holidays anyway).


Straighten and Admire

Repeat this process until all the lights have been attached then simply straighten all strands by hand to help give the full icicle effect. Finally, it’s time to light them up and admire your handy work!

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  • Robert
    September 19, 2015

    I agree with you that the best strategy that we can do is to plan right away carefully and thinking it very properly, that’s just how the way it is.