Top Tip #5: How to decorate Your Christmas tree

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When it comes to Christmas tree decorating, everyone’s an expert, aren’t they? Well, even the least style conscious of us can throw some lights on a tree and scatter a few decorations around, but in order to decorate with skill and elegance, it often takes a little bit more than that. If you allow yourself time, a budget and a carefully crafted decorating order, then you’re likely to stand in good stead for Christmas 2014. Take our hand, as we’ll show you how . . .

Tree Selection

You’re unlikely to go far without actually selecting a Christmas tree, so it’s always best to start with one. Y’know, nothing gets past us! However, and on a serious note, it is vitally important to purchase the right tree for your lifestyle and needs.

We have 10 reasons why should purchase an artificial Christmas tree rather than a real one, but the choice is ultimately yours. Just remember to think about size, shape and structure.

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Colour / Theme

By sticking to a particular colour or theme, you’re likely to add far more structure and consistency to the tree. More specifically, and as we have already highlighted, the key Christmas decorating trends for 2014 will certainly involve naturals, frosted decorations, as well as reds and greens. we advise selecting multi-pack Christmas tree decorations and add the odd bespoke decoration ¬†for that extra-special touch.


Unless you have purchased a pre lit Christmas tree, the next step is always the hardest part. However, with a few simple tips we can make the whole experience of hanging Christmas tree lights a whole lot easier. Firstly, string the lights from top to bottom, taking care to hide the cord along the way. The general rule of thumb is to evenly space 100 fairy lights per every 1.5ft, but if you really want your Christmas tree to glow, how about wrapping lights down each individual branch? Finally, stand back and squint – hopefully you shouldn’t see any gaps.

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Garlands and Ribbons

Unless you’re ironically throwing your look back to yesteryear, avoid the fluffy tinsel at all costs. Instead, opt for metallic beads or ribbons. Again, start from the top and hang loosely from branch to branch, ensuring that they drape evenly across the Christmas tree.

Hanging Ornaments

25cm Silver Star Tree Topper with 10 Battery Operated Warm White LEDsThe penultimate task is to hang up your Christmas tree decorations. You’ll probably require about 20 ornaments for every foot of tree, but always start with the tree topper, then evenly arrange the larger baubles from the top down. Use the smaller ornaments for the gaps, to which depth can be added to the tree by attaching some closer to the trunk. Rather than chocolate and candy canes, how about using fruit as that post-dinner treat, instead?

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Admire your work

Finally, it’s time to sit back, enjoy your work and sip a warm mug of Gluhwein. Just ensure that you’re happy with your tree and that all the lights and ornaments are in proportion.


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  • Kim W
    October 19, 2014

    My favourite was the on-trend scooter. I found two under my nan’s bed when visiting and was made to swear not to tell my sister about Father Christmas!