Let’s turn Christmas into a Victorian inspired celebration

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There’s certainly no better way of capturing the charm, magic and authenticity of Christmas, than with Victorian themed decorations. With modern day Christmas trends chopping and changing places year on year, the traditional decorating theme has always stood the test of time. 

From decorations to festive tipples and games, there are many ways in which you recreate the joy of an English Christmas from yesteryear. Oh, not only is it relatively straight forward, you won’t break the bank either . . .

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

6ft Manitoba Spruce "QuickLight" Slim TreeDuring the 19th century the popularity of the Christmas tree blossomed throughout the country, with most hanging decorations being home-made, edible treats. In keeping with this tradition, ensure that your Christmas tree reaches the ceiling and becomes the focal point of your room. Well, the Victorians never did anything by half measures, did they?

To avoid the needles, allergies and any associated disappointment, we recommend choosing an artificial Christmas tree this winter, to which we’re almost certain that the Victorians would’ve done the same if they had been invented.

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Traditional Lights & Decorations

Instead of using fairy lights for your Christmas tree, how about swapping these for a set of traditional candle tree lights? Each candle is fitted with a clip making it quick and simple to attach to your tree. The warm white glow will certainly embellish the Victorian style that you’re seeking this season.

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Choosing the correct Christmas tree decorations will be key to capturing the mood, look and feel of a Victorian Christmas. If you cannot find the time to produce dainty, handmade ornaments, become a king of convenience this year by selecting glass bauble ornaments, as well as that all important hanging fairy decoration.

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Victorian Style Tapestries

Deck the Halls Illuminated Wall Canvas 40x30cmWith the Christmas tree acting as the main decoration in many households, how about complimenting this by adding a traditional Christmas tapestry or canvas to your wall? Both beautiful and charming, a piece of artwork by Thomas Kinkade or Dona Gelsinger will certainly amplify the warmth and elegance of a Victorian Christmas.

If you wish to continue the look throughout your home, then a time-honoured table runner tapestry will become the perfect choice.

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Inspirational Accessories

Finally, supplement your main decorations with a selection of classic wreaths and garlands throughout your home. So, hang the wreath from the door and wrap the bannister with a new growth garland, but don’t forget about putting the mistletoe, holly and poinsettias on display.

For everything else, choose from a range of 19th century inspired carriage lights and other table-top ornaments.

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