Twinkly App Controlled Lights

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Twinkly App Controlled Lights

Welcome to the future of festive light displays.

Twinkly App-Controlled Lights are the next step in the evolution of decoration, with an innovative design that puts you in control.

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These lights don’t just flicker and flash like ordinary sets. They can be fully customised and controlled from your smartphone. Each bulb can light up in different colours, with different brightness settings, which you can adjust to create an amazing light show in your living room.

The lights are controlled by a free app that uses your phone’s camera to locate and map each bulb on your tree. By tapping each light on your phone you can turn individual bulbs on or off, change the colour or adjust the flickering speed. This way you can create unique, customised light patterns across your decorations.

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The app is also programmed with pre-set patterns and displays – such as a rainbow effect, or colours of various flags – for easy, fun effects. The patterns are fully customisable so you can ensure that your Christmas lights stand out!

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Try the Twinkly app controlled lights and take total control of your own personalised, illuminated, colour changing displays with the future of Christmas lighting – available now at

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