Walking in a Winter Wonderland

By Thursday, October 16, 2014 0

For Christmas 2014, it’s time to set a trend amongst your friends and family, so how about turning your home into a festive winter wonderland? Deck the halls, walls and even the great outdoors with some rather fabulous decorating ideas.

We all know that decorating your home or office space for the impending holiday season can often be a daunting and overwhelming task, but at Christmas Trees and Lights, we’re here to inspire, guide and help you every step of the way this winter. You can easily make your guests feel as if they have just stepped into a beautiful winter wonderland with a small selection of snow-themed decorations, as well as a few simple tips. Don’t worry, as we’ll show you how . . .

Colour Scheme

18in Silver Wire Christmas Tree with Sputniks & 16 White LEDsAdd a touch of grace and elegance to your home by choosing a collection of silver and white ornaments. To create your ultimate winter wonderland scene, these are the main two colours, as your shimmering silver decorations will accentuate and compliment the white just perfectly.

Ideal for window displays, or as a focal point, a striking white cherry blossom ball will certainly kick-start your winter wonderland colour scheme. You can easily take your look to the next level by adding a sprinkle of silver glitter to your decorations. Failing that, and if you don’t any have glitter lying around, our silver table-top Christmas tree is already covered for you.


Frosted Theme

7ft Frosted Glacier Artificial Christmas TreeA frosted theme is clearly the most magical way of inviting a winter wonderland atmosphere into your room. Acting as the perfect partner to any white and silver colour scheme, frosted decorations will give you the impression that the charm of Christmas is unfolding right before your eyes!

Our top-tip is to use a flocked frosted Christmas tree as a centre piece to your look, as well as a variety of frosted glacier wreaths and garlands to help add the finishing touches. Oh,and give your guests a snowy welcome by spraying fake snow around the corners of your windows.


For the ultimate wow factor, don’t forget to pay attention to those tiny details.


Twinkle all the way

4ft Chasing Net Light with 100 Ice White LEDsWell, it wouldn’t be Christmas without having any lights, would it? In order to emphasise ¬†your winter wonderland style, string twinkling lights throughout your home and garden. Alongside the obvious places, get creative and bunch up some ice white fairy lights then place them inside a frosted vase.

To really add sparkle to your outdoor space, drape a set of Christmas net lights over a picnic table, and, when it snows, it’ll create a fabulous polka-dot illusion underneath. With the chestnuts roasting on an open fire inside, choose a set of snowing effect icicle lights for the outside. We guarantee you’ll be amazed…

So there you go, how to turn your decorating space into a winter wonderland, without breaking a sweat, or the bank. Well, our biggest piece of advice is to get creative this Christmas. You’ll probably surprise yourself!


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