Why it’s time to think big, bold and beautiful

By Thursday, October 30, 2014 0

This weekend, it’s time to step away from those sweets that you’ve been eyeing up all week, leftover from a poor Halloween turnout, and continue thinking about Christmas. Well, not just a simple, mild-mannered British Christmas, but one that creates colossal impact. For Christmas 2014, it’s definitely the time to think big, bold and, most importantly, beautiful when it comes to decorating your home!

Whether for the inside or outside, we certainly have the lights, trees and inspiration you’ll need to make a big impact for your friends and family this year.


Shine bright with LED lights

700 Warm White LED Snowing Icicle Lights with Memory FunctionLet there be light, and lots of them! In particular, we love these frosted ice white connectable LED Christmas lights, and not only are they brighter than the conventional, old-fashioned type, they’re also 80 – 90% more energy efficient too. oh, and their waterproof rubber cable should be perfect for the British winter.

10m Ropelight with Colour Changing LEDsForget the conventional gutters and door frames, create a bigger impact this year by fixing your lights in some of the more unusual places. If you use an arbour during the summer months, the idea of wrapping your Christmas lights around them will be a great idea. Better still, how about that unloved tree at the bottom of the garden, or even this crazy idea for instance?

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Limited Space?

90cm/3ft Fibre Optic Multicoloured Clematis Christmas TreeWell, if space is somewhat limited you still shouldn’t compromise on aiming to make a big impact this Christmas. Instead, opt for a smaller artificial Christmas tree¬†with an array of brightly coloured Christmas icicle ball lights. A perfectly placed Cherry Blossom ball will certainly act as the focal point to most flats and apartments.


Creating the biggest impact

4ft Inflatable SnowmanFor all those wanting to create the ultimate outdoor impact, but without the hassle of having to untangle and attach intricate decorations, then how about one of these ideas? Seriously, you can’t go much bigger than having an inflatable Christmas decoration, and we’re not talking physically here either. Bound to spark huge interest amongst any perspective guests, bring Christmas to life with an inflatable ‘humpty dumpty’ snowman. Yes, that’s right, a ‘humpty dumpty’ snowman!

Well, if all else fails this Christmas and you’re left void of ideas, then the ever-popular electric blue reindeer and sleigh will always draw the crowds in. Although you’ll have to hurry, they’re guaranteed to fly out . . .

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