Xmas Trees

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Xmas Trees

Xmas Trees

Did you know that Xmas is a common abbreviation for Christmas and the use of Xmas dates back to the 1700’s? A letter from British diplomat George Woodward first used the term in 1753 but the origin of Xmas seems to run much earlier. The X comes from the Greek letter chi and from 1100 there have been variations of Xmas such as X’temmas and Xpes.

There has been much concern that use of Xmas is due to the commercialisation of Christmas, one of the most holy days in the Christian calendar.

Did you also know that Xmas Tree is the correct name for a Christmas Tree in the 31st Century? The term Xmas Tree is the official name of the Christmas Tree in the hit show Futurama!

Buying Xmas Trees

If you’re looking for an Xmas Tree this winter then here at Christmas Trees and Lights we have a variety of trees.

We have trees ranging in price from just £25.99 to £229.99. Sizes range from 2ft to 15ft. Visit our Xmas Trees Shop.

We also sell Xmas Trees with Fibre Optic Lights and Pre Lit Xmas Trees


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