Novelty Lights

Bright, colourful, and attention-grabbing, novelty lights are becoming very popular at Christmas. At Christmas Trees & Lights, we stock a huge range of novelty lights for the holiday season, allowing you to add a huge dose of festive magic to your home or garden. As well as helping everyone in your household get into the Christmas spirit, they’ll also bring joy and excitement to neighbours and passersby, bringing joy and excitement to your whole street.

Novelty Christmas Lights

We supply novelty lights in a wide variety of exciting designs, including birds, snowmen, snowflakes, and holly leaves. Whatever effect you want for your lighting display this year, novelty lights can help you achieve it, adding an abundance of style and Christmas cheer.

Many of our novelty Christmas lights are made with LEDs powered by batteries. So, as well as offering better energy-efficiency and longer-lasting performance than standard fluorescent incandescent lights, there’s also no need to worry about finding a socket to plug them in.

These unique and eye-catching novelty lights can be placed anywhere around your home to add instant Christmas cheer. Add them to your tree, drape them across your mantelpiece, or arrange them beautifully around your stair bannister.

Novelty Christmas lights can add a real wow factor to your garden too, creating a vibrant display of light and colour that looks fantastic at a distance. Many of our lights are suitable for outdoor use and come with very safe low voltage transformers. Installing novelty lights outside your home this year couldn’t be easier. You’ll be the envy of all your friends as they admire your magnificent lighting display!

Christmas Trees & Lights have been supplying high-quality and affordable novelty Christmas lights for many years, sourcing the most unique and eye-catching products on the market for our collection. Contact our team today for further information.