When the time comes to choose a Christmas tree, the choice can be overwhelming.

This buyer’s guide will guide you through the often-complex experience of purchasing a tree and its accessories. We have all the information you need to make the best choice, so you can enjoy the beauty of your tree for the whole festive season!

This guide covers:

  1. What are the different types of Christmas tree?
  2. What different shapes are available?
  3. What different colours are available?
  4. Things to consider before you buy
  5. What should you buy to go with your Christmas tree?
  6. Care and storage advice

What are the different types of Christmas tree?

There’s a kind of Christmas tree for everyone, so you can find the tree of your dreams! Here’s a list of the different types of Christmas tree, along with some pros and cons.

Real trees

  • Traditional, realistic look
  • Authentic pine-needle smell
  • Lots of varieties to choose from
  • Cheaper than a good quality artificial tree

When you think Christmas, this is likely the image that comes to mind. Visually stunning, with that forever ‘wow!’ factor, authentic look, and woody smell, real Christmas trees are the most impressive choice of the bunch. Plus, they’re the most environmentally friendly, as they’re biodegradable, and the ritual of decorating the tree is always a magical one.

However, real Christmas trees can rack up a hefty cost, especially as they need to be repurchased every year. Expect to pay around £30-50 for a standard six-foot tree, although that price can shoot up with quality and size.

Furthermore, real Christmas trees can be messy, with plenty of shedding, and can be difficult to transport home from the Christmas market, meaning the whole process can be more time-consuming and labour-intensive than you might want.

If you want a real look without the mess & hassle, check out our realistic artificial trees.

Artificial trees

  • Can be re-used year-after-year
  • No pine needles to clean up
  • Come in a range of colours and sizes
  • Affordable and long-lasting

Artificial trees have come a long way from the decades of pipe cleaners and tacky plastic. These days, you can get a beautiful and totally authentic-looking artificial Christmas tree.

They require no maintenance and offer no mess, and they’re usually easier to transport, as you can order them online and have them delivered. You can choose from a whole range of colours and looks, and they’re reusable year on year, meaning although the price may initially seem high, it’s a good investment.

See our range of artificial trees

Pre-lit Christmas tree

  • All the benefits of an artificial tree
  • No hassle untangling strings of lights
  • Consistent, evenly spaced lights
  • Easier and quicker to set up

For the fast-paced Christmas fan who expects maximum efficiency from the holiday season, a pre-lit Christmas tree can be a major bonus. They’re by far the easiest, and you don’t have to worry about buying lights to go along with them, which can save you a little money.

Like all artificial Christmas trees, they’re reusable for the following year, and they don’t shed, meaning less mess when the party is over.

See our range of pre-lit trees

Fibre optic Christmas tree

  • All the benefits of an artificial tree
  • Energy-saving alternative to pre-lit trees

The Christmas tree of the tech future, fibre optic Christmas trees put on an amazing visual display, making them a great choice for anyone who loves hosting. They’re highly customisable and you can choose from loads of colours. They require no maintenance, produce no mess and are, of course, reusable, making them the perfect choice if you want a neon living room with zero clean-up. They also save on energy; just plug in and go!

See our range of fibre-optic trees

Pre-decorated trees

If you don’t have the time to spend decorating a tree every year, or you just want a consistent but beautiful looking tree that never fails to impress – a pre-decorated tree could be perfect for you. These trees have a professional looking finish, and take away the hassle from Christmas without compromising on style.

See our range of pre-decorated trees

Other types of trees

We have a huge range of trees available. Other types of tree that you can buy include:

  • Luxury – With high quality materials and fuller branches for a more natural look, luxury trees come in a variety of styles.
  • Frosted/flocked – The only way to create a white Christmas in your home, flocked or frosted trees add extra festive magic to any front room.
  • Pop Up – For a fuss-free, no mess set up, pop up trees are the way forward.
  • Slim – If you are short on space, a slim tree could be the perfect solution.
  • Blossom/Novelty – Looking for something a bit different? There are plenty of novelty and blossoming trees on the market which you can use all year round
  • What different shapes are available?

    When it comes to choosing a tree, there are three main shapes.

    Regular or ‘full’ - The first is regular or full; this is the traditional Christmas tree shape, offering full and fluffed brunches and a conical shape which is perfect for mounting a star or angel.

    Narrow or ‘slim’ - The second is narrow or slim, which is a slenderer tree for smaller spaces, corner placement, or just anywhere that requires a bit of a tighter squeeze!

    Flatback - The final shape is flatback, which are perfect for apartments or anywhere with a flat wall to place it against. They’re super convenient as they don’t take up too much room.

    What different colours are available?

    With artificial trees, the sky’s the limit! Three popular colour choices are white and green.

    White trees are perfect for anyone who wants a more minimalist and modern vibe for their Christmas decorations. They’re incredibly brightening for any space, and decorations such as this red bauble look gorgeous against the pale background.

    Green Christmas trees are undoubtedly the most traditional and authentic. Furthermore, green is perfect for forming holiday colour schemes, pairing with red and gold for a truly festive atmosphere.

    Other colours available include:

    • Gold
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Grey
    • Multicolour
    • Red
    • Silver

    Things to consider before you buy

    1. Price. One of the crucial factors in buying a Christmas tree is price. The best artificial Christmas trees are more expensive, but they’re a long-term commitment and can be reused. Tabletop Christmas trees are smaller and therefore much cheaper. Some varieties of real Christmas tree can cost you £50+ - consider if you can afford this repeat cost every year, or if investing in a re-usable tree would be more suitable.
    2. Space. You should also think about how much space you have in your home to accommodate the tree – remember you also have to get it in and out. Get a rough measurement from floor to ceiling, and the width of the space you’re planning to put it in.
    3. Transport. Another important consideration is how the tree will get to your home. For truly enormous trees, delivery service or a car is the best bet, while smaller trees can be carried by hand or taken on public transport.
    4. Storage. Also think about how you will store your tree: we recommend you put it up immediately with plenty of water or store it in a cool shed. If it’s artificial, do you have room in an attic or basement for safekeeping?
    5. Disposal. Finally, how will you dispose of your tree? We recommend keeping artificial Christmas trees for next year, as they can otherwise create a massive amount of waste. For real Christmas trees, check your local council’s pick-up policy for information on disposal.

    What should you buy to go with your Christmas tree?

    Whatever you could possibly want! However, you may want to consider purchasing decorations such as ornaments and baubles as well as lights and tinsel, or even ribbons.

    We also recommend a tree topper, whether that’s a traditional star or angel, or something more sweet and funny, like a cat or soft toy.

    Finally, for the sake of practicality, make sure you get a tree skirt, stand and collar, which will protect your floor and hide any unsightly sap or needle spillages.

    Care and storage advice

    Once you have your real tree in place and beautifully decorated, you want to keep it looking fresh! Make sure to top up your tree’s water so that it doesn’t get dehydrated and brown, and keep the tree’s room relatively cool and not too dry, perhaps by investing in a humidifier. Don’t let pets get too close to the tree, to avoid any accidents!

    For artificial trees, store them carefully at the end of the holidays to avoid crushing them and damaging the shape. Perhaps consider a storage box or wrapping the tree in bubble wrap or paper.

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