3ft Christmas Trees

Do you need a small and practical Christmas tree this year? If so, a 3ft Christmas tree could be ideal. At Christmas Trees and Lights, we stock 3ft trees in a wide variety of styles, giving you a wealth of choice when it comes to selecting the perfect tree for your home or office. Whether space is at a premium or you’d just prefer a tree that’s easier to manage, a 3ft Christmas tree is a fantastic option. These smaller trees can fit effortlessly into any room and are easy to move around and store away when not in use. Many of our trees come pre-lit or pre-decorated, meaning all the hard work of making your tree look pretty is already done for you. You can simply erect your tree and instantly begin enjoying the magic of Christmas.

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3ft Artificial Christmas Tree

3ft artificial Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular, as people look to combine convenience with aesthetic appeal. Our small synthetic trees may not be natural but this doesn’t make them any less beautiful. With several realistic features, including needles made from PVC and PE and sculpted branch tips, our artificial Christmas trees are more lifelike and authentic-looking than ever before.

A 3ft Christmas tree can be the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas celebrations. Ideal for adding festive spirit to your living room or dancing around at the office party, it will bring a wealth of Christmas cheer year after year.

Whether you’re seeking a fibre optic, LED-lit, or deluxe frosted 3ft artificial Christmas tree, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our online store. Plus, with prices starting from just £16.99 for a premium pre-lit 3ft Christmas tree, you can be sure that our products represent fantastic value for money.