Pre Lit Christmas Trees

An LED Christmas tree is a great choice either as the main tree for your living room or as a supplementary tree to add festive magic to other parts of your home. Many people place these trees in hallways, on landings, or on tabletops or windowsills. They’re also ideal for office spaces. These trees feature LEDs which are built into the branches or tips, creating a soft or sparkling light show to welcome in the festive season.

LED Christmas tree lights use light-emitting diodes instead of filament to produce light. This technology makes the lights more efficient and longer-lasting than many fluorescent incandescent lights. Not only do they not burn out as quickly, but they also don't become hot to the touch, making them a lot safer.

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At Christmas Trees & Lights, we stock pre lit Christmas trees to suit all needs and budgets, making sure the perfect one for you is only a few clicks away. Whether you want a budget-friendly PVC tree or a premium PE tree with natural needles, we have you covered.

More and more individuals, couples, and families are choosing to buy a pre lit Christmas tree this year. Many people prefer the convenience of having a tree that’s already dressed beautifully. With a pre lit tree, you don’t need to fuss and fiddle with lights. You can avoid that inevitable moment where you get tangled in the wires as you attempt to arrange them ‘just so’. You can spend less time making your tree look magnificent and more time getting in the holiday spirit with Christmas movies and eating mince pies!

Small Pre Lit Christmas Trees

A small pre lit Christmas tree can add more charm and magic to a room than you might imagine. Our 4ft blue spruce with warm LED lights is particularly popular. Traditional in style yet vibrant and festive, it’s the perfect choice if you’re seeking a space-saving pre lit Christmas tree. We have one of the biggest ranges of pre lit trees online, so why not browse our collection? Our team are always on hand to assist you and we strive to deliver trees to their new homes as soon as possible.